About us

Outline of the Foundation

Kanagawa Arts Foundation was established in October 1993 in order that efforts to cultivate and spread an artistic culture could be carried out in an integrated fashion with the management of the prefecture’s cultural facilities. In doing so, the foundation hoped to achieve its goals of providing many citizens of Kanagawa Prefecture with opportunities to enjoy high quality works of art from up close, while also stimulating the creation of new forms of art and spreading them from Kanagawa to the world.

Since its establishment, the foundation has dedicated itself to the cultivation and diffusion of an artistic culture centered on music, theater, dance and contemporary art. It has also organized various programs such as the International Arts Festival in Kanagawa. For these efforts, it has received high accolades from many of the prefecture’s citizens.

In the future, the foundation seeks to continue living out its mission of contributing to the development of a spiritually enriching artistic culture in Kanagawa, and bringing this culture to the world.

Principal Activities

Our goal is to provide our citizens with high quality works of art, enrich them with activities overflowing with creativity, and envelop them in a comfortable art environment. In order to achieve these ends, we engage in the activities described below.

The Cultivation and Promotion of an Artistic Culture,
the Increasing of Viewing Opportunities,
and the Management of the Cultural Facilities
Over the years, we have taken the role of sponsor, co-sponsor and partner in organizing the staging of excellent artistic performances as well as the exhibition of spectacular works of fine art, both from Japan and from overseas. In addition, we have organized lectures and courses on art and culture that have allowed people to personally experience the performing arts. Through these activities, we have endeavored to increase the opportunities for people to view and experience artistic culture. Furthermore, as the designated administrators of the Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, the Kanagawa Arts Theatre, and the Kanagawa Kenritsu Ongakudo, we have managed and administered these artistic and cultural facilities, providing our citizens with an enriching atmosphere of art.
The Collection and Provision of Information on Fine Arts and Cultures, Investigations, Researches, and Personnel Development
We compile and issue the information magazine “Kanagawa Arts Press” for providing the information on culture in the prefecture, operate the website “[email protected],” and conduct personnel development projects, including internship and workshops, for the personnel engaged in arts management.

Basic Information

Basic funds 600 million yen
Founded onOctober 25, 1993
PresidentKazumi TAMAMURA
General Artistic DirectorToshi ICHIYANAGI
Headquarters 3-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 231-0023
Tel 045-663-3711  Fax 045-663-3714
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